Is it possible to get free Shein gift card codes?

Lately rumors have been popping up that you can get these Shein gift card codes for free.

Since we love bargains, we couldn’t help but check if these tricks work. We’ll explain below:

What is a Shein gift card?

Gift cards are a balance that allows you to shop at Shein. You can buy them for yourself (since they have a direct discount), or you can give them as a gift to other people.

When you buy a Shein gift card, you will not receive a physical card but you will receive an e-mail with the card number and PIN. The person who receives the code, enters it in their Shein profile to add credit.

In our article Shein gift cards we explain how they work, why they are so popular and many other relevant details of their use.

How to get free Shein gift card codes

Shein gift cards are just a code, they are received by e-mail and are not subject to said e-mail. Normally, you can buy them here and you will receive the details via email.

To get a free Shein gift card, you just need to get your code and PIN, when you have it, you can enter it through your Shein profile in the “Gift Cards” section.

This is where the magic of the internet comes in: there are sites that claim to generate infinite gift card codes for free.

All we have to do is click a button and in a few minutes we can get a gift card of up to $750 (USD) to shop at Shein.

First you will have to enter, select which gift card you want (the one with the highest value, logically). Then the gift card code will be generated, it will be shown except for the last 4 numbers, which will be shown after a verification.

The verification consists of making some surveys where you will have to give some of your personal data. In some cases, it will be to give your phone number to confirm through an SMS, other times, you will have to complete a survey…

Never give personal data in exchange for a Shein card

As you can imagine, this is a scam: you should never trust this kind of pages, as they only want to get your personal data to bombard you with advertising and spam.

In the worst case, if you confirm your phone number by SMS, you risk being signed up for one of those subscriptions that they charge you monthly and from which it is so difficult to unsubscribe.

But if I give my details, will I get the gift card?

At the end of the process, even if you manage to complete the surveys or provide your data, the page will always remain pending validation.

So, in addition to having provided your data in a foolish way, you will not get the gift card. The verification will always remain pending to be completed.

This is the example of one of the most popular pages to get supposed Shein gift cards. However, almost all of them work the same way. All of them ask for personal data and give you nothing in return.

Tips to detect scams

To detect this type of scams, we recommend you to use the following tricks:

  • Check the page: If it has many other tricks of “free” products, it is surely a page created to get personal data through this type of traps.
  • Type down false data: In case you really want to try one of these sites, do a test first by putting false data to see what they ask for.
  • Contrast the information: Luckily on the internet there are also many people who share information about this kind of scams.

And, most importantly, have some common sense: if something seems too good to be true… it is indeed too good to be true.

Generally on the internet, if you have doubts about the security of a site, you should never give it your personal information. Something as simple as verifying your phone number can waste a lot of your money and time if you fall for a premium SMS subscription system.

How to save money reliably on Shein

So, these free Shein gift cards are clearly a scam that only seeks to get our data. But yes, there are other methods that really allow you to save money on Shein.

Let’s take a quick look at them.

Use cashback systems

The best trick you can use to save extra money on your Shein purchases is to shop at Shein with cashback sites like this one. They are reliable and easy to use.

These systems allow you to recover part of the money you have spent on your purchases: between 2 and 20% of the value of your purchase.

Search for discount coupons

All sites offer us to apply discount coupons in the cart before checkout, however, most of the time there are no discount codes. But at Shein, it’s very easy to find coupons to save even more money.

Thanks to the Shein Coupon Finder extension you can check which coupons are active to apply them directly in your cart to save money.

More tips to save money on your Shein purchases

But in addition to all this there are many more tricks: games, points, contests…. That’s why we have compiled 12 tricks to save money on Shein where you can find real tricks that will make you pay less for your purchases.

Conclusion: Can you get free gift cards?

As we have already said, there are a lot of money saving tricks on the internet, but it is impossible to get free gift cards. For starters, Shein has a double security system for their gift cards, since in addition to the numerical code, they also have a PIN.

Finally, if you somehow get the code of an active gift card, it would belong to someone else and Shein could penalize you for using fraudulent methods.

Don’t fall into these traps that try to get your personal data, there are other ways to save money without putting your information at risk.

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